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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I didn't ask for a thousand words dear
Nor did I want to always stay near
I never asked the long starry walks
All I wanted were our little talks

I didn't ask for a grand story
Or a spectacle befitting a jury
Never did I ask for rings or bands
I liked our walking hands in hands

I never urged for an expensive gift
I didn't ask for the surprise mood lift
But I cross my heart when I say this
Life with you has been eternal bliss

I never called for a cuddle or a hug
I  never needed a proof of your care
For I knew that in times of despair
By my side always,You would be here

All I asked, was a smile from you
Bright as a sun,fresh as morning dew
All I wished, was the twinkle of your eye
All I wanted,was to be yours when I die


  1. i asked not for the lust of power
    nor the shining gold within my reach
    touched by your embrace alone
    till the brink of my existence i can see

    words never fail to agree
    for your beauty continues to mesmerize me
    i never asked for that blissful rain
    but keep on thinking of those bygone days
    i never wished to fall in love with you
    but choices are a luxury for few
    for me it came as life comes
    and the game ended as soon as it begun
    for no more were the times to see you as i hoped
    life it seems took this love for a joke
    :) :)

  2. thank u ashhad i didnt knew u write such excellent poems otherwise i would have shared some of mine with u :)............anyways keep up the good work poems are realllllllllllllllyyyyyy thoughtful u have the mind of a poet :)

    1. bhai thank u but ur work is far more superior and insightful than mine. and i would love to read more of ur works anyday