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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

a whatever of my life

I was born as they say, 
on a foggy January Sunday. 
Dug up from the depths of cave, 
shouting like a warrior brave. 
i was passed hand to hand, 
held aloft like a trophy grand 

Monday, 22 October 2012


that was the last road i knew
of all the ones that hadn't been tried
i walked towards that faint hue
because walking meant i hadn't died

mY scHOol My liFe

I remembr the day i enterd here,
full of xctement and a little fear.
"ths is it!!!"my heart said;
its euphoria gripd me,toe to head. 
when the day ended, i had sum frnds dear;
i was happy and loved to be here.

friends et al....

while walking along the narrow stream, 
i was lost in thots of u; 
conjured by my daydream, 
i thot abt our times of smile and rue;