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Monday, 22 October 2012


that was the last road i knew
of all the ones that hadn't been tried
i walked towards that faint hue
because walking meant i hadn't died

i could see the train whistle away,
its voice as faint as my heartbeat
it was dead,shunting alike each dayi
i was alive with hope for a destiny to meet

the sky was getting darker,the stars bright
without a mentor,without a godfather
i did things the way they seemed right
with heart by my side, i walked farther

i sensed her walking beside me and i looked
face covered in a mask,a robe too old
"i am luck" she said and smiled
take me and you will bathe in gold

and in an instant she vanished
a girl stood there,lovely as none
it was tempting and i was nearly famished
but something said she wasn't the one

i have walked far to b tired
the sand cuts my heels deeper
searching all the way from start
the answers to "what if's" and "what will's"

A thousand goodbye's  unattended
A thousand smiles un returned
A thousand words unsaid
I remember them all as i move on

i can feel the gate dead ahead
alone i started alone i am
the colorful soap bubbles as friends
will they burst when i am dead???

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