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Monday, 22 October 2012

friends et al....

while walking along the narrow stream, 
i was lost in thots of u; 
conjured by my daydream, 
i thot abt our times of smile and rue; 

tired of walkng,i sat on its banks, 
lukng at the water flowng by; 
a wave eruptd and then it sank, 
revealing in the ripples ur face,smiling and shy 

then sumthng broke my stare, 
lazily i lukd at it,my senses nt agile; 
the sparklng water was castng its glare, 
i laughd feebly as i remembrd ur smile...... 

In the water i noticd a leaf flowing, 
swirling with it jumping and bumping, 
evrytime the water tried to swallow it,it escaped, 
stil movng on its ride,enjoyng 
the leaf was like you, always jolly and smiling, 
wateva the situation was,fighting bt stil laughing ...

to be contd......

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