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Monday, 7 July 2014

The Journey

The grey shades of my hollow past
getting me down to the dark roads
clutching me tightly around my neck
the dementors of my past feed upon me

I have been running away from them
running away from the demons within
looking for the faintest ray of light
plotting my escape from this purgatory

That golden beacon of light is too far
filtering through the prism of cobwebs
I can feel the warmth it spreads
The many colors dancing on my skin

A new morning has filled up the canvas
and with it I continue my run
for the bright light that guides me
and keeps the creatures in hiding

I have waited a long time now
the winged angel is yet to come
the hours have taken away my faith
All I see is a light within

The wind has started to feel pleasant
The road ahead seems smooth enough
I do not fear the road ahead
for I just need to keep moving