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Saturday, 16 November 2013


O death! why are you here,
standing tall in your black hood?
spreading cold shivers and chills
darkening every spot you stood?

cold and harsh and full of void
snapping the colours from life
you come silently riding your high stead
plunging everything into an empty darkness

that woman you took away
was the soul of her house
with her around,the family was one
now they are just beads broken

the son sits like a stone, burning inside
while the little daughters cry and faint
for she was their anchor in sorrow
and in happiness the colours of their paints

O death! don't you look at their faces
the faces on whom she would put a smile
can't you see the tears flowing
down the very eyes she loved

"I took her,for I had to"
he said removing the long hood
"for there has to be an end to a start
and for every start there should be an end"

my existence is a masquerade
I am not the devil O mortal!
for your dear life is a journey
and I am merely the destination

you fear me,you curse me
but tell me what wrong have I done
I bring peace to the troubled souls
I take them back smiling, as friends


  1. Wow! Keep up the good work Ashhad! (y)

  2. this is the way the creation was made
    that which is will continue to fade
    the time and ways are different indeed
    but the setting hour ticks for every soul
    that which once drew breath, now in chambers rest
    this is my destiny o mortal to free you from your bonds
    so that you enter a state which was obscured
    for once you see the beauty of light
    death will become for you a welcome sight
    :) :)