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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

I walk alone....

I walk alone
amidst this sea
of flesh and limbs
walking with blindfolds
crawling beside me

there are faces
and faces on faces
there are no masks
just smiles to decieve
and promises to kill

i live in my burrow
fretting and petrified
the walls closing around
i stare at the light above
staring at the trove of colours

the darkness stares at me
blankly I search myself
for the reflection can lie
the void is like a mirror
the pensive for soul

They are the multitudes
the omnious off growth of mind
they are different,yet united
they are hollow inside
yet they have the loudest voice

i walk alone
surrounded by a crowd
of dreams and pride
of unsung heroes and lives
i see the lights dimming
as i turn and walk away....

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